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Agnostic Think: Good Orderly Direction

Agnostic Think: Good Orderly Direction

Agnostic? Think: Good Orderly Direction. My addiction memoir tells how I went from a bright, healthy teen (okay, with a teeny hypersexual disorder) to a lonely, depressed, obsessive, codependent, underachieving, and increasingly reckless drunk who disdained Alcoholics Anonymous as a doom just short of suicide.. For those who might not know, Step 2 reads: "Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could ... GOD -- Good Orderly Direction. ... does it compare to today? 10. What other memories feel significant to you from this time? ... I like to think of God as good orderly direction. I think of God as a.... Step Two Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves ... For some, GOD is an acronym that stands for Good Orderly Direction.. It seems to be a Christian tradition to try and mold what atheists think and ... GOD #1 Good Orderly Direction, trying to do the next right thing;.... -Can I practice Step 3 if I don't believe in God? ... Others place themselves into an agnostic or atheist category. ... Good Orderly Direction.. (Original: Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore ... In agnostic 12 steps, Is GOD = GOOD ORDERLY DIRECTION.

Agnostic and Atheist Members in AA ... people have the thought of the word God as standing for. good orderly direction, or even group of drunks, but many of.... As one counsellor, Elizabeth, said, 'GOD stands for Good Orderly Direction'. With the religious ... Roberts writes: 'An atheist member of A.A. said, People use the word spiritual in ways that define themselves. I think it means the ability to get.... In AA, atheists are asked to think of GOD as Good, orderly, direction... there is a chapter for agnostics/atheists,many of whom have achieved sobriety using the.... Mail address: ... the word God as standing for good orderly direc- ... atheist. I believe there probably is no God. I cannot prove there is no God, because it is.... agnostics and atheists in AA. We simply believe that alcoholics need the help of a ... stand for Group of Drunks, or Good Orderly Direction. Why, then, are so.... Some identify as agnostic, some atheist, some spiritual but not religiousand ... group of drunks, good orderly direction, gift of desperation or add another O ... Q. Am I welcome to one of your meetings if I'm religious, or if I think of God as.... It can be "Good Orderly Direction" or "Group of Drunks. ... In "God on Every Page," Alex M. writes, I thought back to that bleak day 10 years ago.... As an atheist, I have to learn to translate the God language in AA into something ... I even believe that AA is my best bet for living a sober life. ... have a god, even prettied up as good orderly direction, jammed down my throat.. I think your essay was great, and it brought up really great points. I am extremely happy that you are ... "GOD stands for Good Orderly Direction". ... God is may substitute the thought good orderly direction or flow. ... who profess to be atheist or agnostic and who go to great lengths to cultivate the.... "God is good, orderly direction." Some people ... "For years, I thought of myself as an agnostic with no real ties to any kind of organized religion. But as the big.... When the word God is used in these pages, you may substitute the thought good orderly direction or flow. ... If you remain forever an atheist, agnosticso be it.. I believe no matter what one has done on earth, good or bad. We all arrive at ... For some atheism or agnosticism is the answer. Bev. support...


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